“The joy of creating a fine fly is so great that it is often difficult to distinguish between the basic needs and the urge to possess that which delights the sensitivities.”
-“The Philosophical Fisherman” by Harold Blaisdell

Join your fellow members at our next Cutthroat Chapter meeting Tuesday March 17th at 6:30pm for a night of fly tying instruction and demonstration.

Bring your own fly tying gear and show us your skills or learn tips and tricks from our on-staff experts. 15 unique fly tyers will be making an appearance and providing instruction (as well as a few free flies!). Don’t miss this opportunity to meet some of Colorado’s most notable fly tiers, authors and angling experts.

*Another Upslope Brewing sponsored event.

Featured Tyers:

  • Pat Dorsey
  • Greg Garcia
  • Jim Neiberger
  • Patrick Oppenheim
  • Jim Schmidt
  • John Keefover
  • Bud McAllister
  • Ed Berg
  • John Aaron
  • Richard Pilatzke
  • John Vevurka
  • Stephen Johnson
  • Bob Getz
  • Jerry Shin
  • Doug Garvey