Join us at the next member meeting for a very special presentation from Cat O’Grady from The Drift Fly Shop in Pueblo!

“Seeing Insects the Trout Way”

This presentation focuses on trout physiology, their insect recognition tools, and how their environment influences their behavior. By breaking down how a trout sees, feels, and thinks; a formula is presented to help anglers accurately choose flies to match a hatch and to better design their own fly patterns. Combining both a scientific prospective and a working knowledge of fly fishing Cat O’Grady will help those attend understand a host of fish inquiries such as, “How can fish be so picky, yet bite a hook?” and “ How can understanding Plank’s Constant improve your fishing?”


Cat O’Grady has been in love with fishing and insects for as long as she can remember. Having completed her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Biology and Chemistry, she currently finds employment at The Drift Fly Shop, in Pueblo Colorado, where she acts as the general manager, guide, instructor, and official “bug girl” Cat has been in the fly fishing profession for ten years and has loved every second of it. When she isn’t streamside on her beloved Arkansas River Tailwater, which is rare, Cat can be found with her nose in a book or a vial of insects in her hands.