We are in need of a few more volunteers for this Saturday. This is a unique opportunity to make an important impact on an untouched environment. Contact Jim Klug at 303-565-7504 or jjklug1@comcast.net for questions and to register.

Workday: Saturday, September 6th, 2014
Project Location: Deer Island
Project Times: 9 am – 2 pm
Meeting Location: 4229 CR 92, Lake George, CO 80827
Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/wIiVv
Volunteers Needed: maximum 10

Workday Description:
Deer Island, 11 Mile Reservoir State Park, is closed to public access and use. The resource is managed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) and owned by Denver Water. The island is approximately 50 acres and contains several unmapped and untreated species of noxious weeds. Our task will be to identify, inventory and map invasive species’. Depending on the identifications, we may minimally (mechanically) treat the weeds. The species likely include highly invasive Canada thistle and yellow toadflax. The island is home to many species of birds, including raptors and vultures. Wildlife habitat includes deer and small mammals. Fish species include trout, pike and Kokanee salmon. These efforts will improve wildlife and aquatic habitats throughout the park and surrounding ecosystem.

We will meet at the main ranger office, then travel to the North shore and then be boated over by CPW rangers to the island. Space is limited to ten volunteers, with one medium sized backpack per person. Restrooms will not be available upon leaving shoreline. Muck boots are encouraged. This is a truly unique opportunity to make an important impact in an untouched environment.

Important Notes:
CUSP will provide materials and necessary tools to complete project work.
Restrooms will not be on site.
Weather, which could create hazardous conditions, may cause the project to be canceled or rescheduled; notifications will be posted at: www.uppersouthplatte.org/Volunteer/ .

Requirements of Volunteers:
All volunteers must complete and submit prior to the project: a CUSP RELEASE 2014; and a VOLUNTEER LISTING 2014- for your group. Please print all documents two sided.

Please Bring:
Any applicable medicines (including epi-pen and inhalers, if needed)
Sun block
Sun glasses (or safety glasses)
Work gloves
Work boots
Long pants and long sleeved shirts are strongly recommended
A container for water, the use of reusable containers is encouraged
Sack lunches to carry with you

What to Expect:
Please be aware and prepared for potential hazards, including but not limited to: driving on mountainous roads with loose gravel and high flash flood potential; exposure to sun, wind, lightening and rapidly changing weather conditions; working with sharpened tools in areas with unstable terrain and footing; possible falling trees; hiking at significant elevation. Medications may have adverse effects in sun, heat or altitude; please list medications and medical conditions on the CUSP release form so staff may be aware of potential concerns. Know your limitations and inform staff immediately if you become ill or injured. Be prepared to exit quickly in the event of an emergency or changing environmental conditions. Please drink plenty of water prior to and during the project to avoid dehydration. Please wear appropriate clothing; clothing may become stained or ruined. The minimum age requirement for this project is 16.
*Note cell phone coverage is limited in this area.