It’s that time of year again. Our Annual Holiday Party will be on December 17th starting at 7pm at our regular meeting place, 7899 S Lincoln Ct, Littleton, CO.

We do a gift exchange, eat food, and socialize. This is the one meeting the spouses love to attend. So fix up your favorite dish to share or bring drinks. Plates, napkins, and plasticware will be provided. I am always amazed at the wonderful food we have to sample. Come join the fun.

About the gift exchange: You must bring a gift in order to receive a gift. Some people do not bring a gift and that is fine. If you do, make sure you get a ticket at the door when you bring your gift in. The ticket establishes your number, and the other half is put in the basket to draw numbers for your turn to pick. Wrap your gift to add to the suspense and entertainment.

We put a limit of around $15, but apparently flies and wine are exempt from the value rule. Flies do appear in many gifts or taped onto wine bottles, and there are still a couple of Billy Basses that make their annual appearance (with flies in their mouth).

We also allow the usual “Gift Steal” with the third owner being the last owner. Maybe it’s 3 steals which would make 4 owners. We will clarify the rules at the party. Gifts can be funny (like Billy Bass), chocolates, wine, other spirits, mugs, flies in a fly box, etc. Any Duck Dynasty fans? NO EXPLOSIVES!