One of Colorado’s Wonders of the World: the Black Canyon of the Gunnison

So if you missed our fly tying Clinic – you missed out. STOP THAT! We got another great event lined up this month. If you have ever seen the Black Canyon of the Gunnison from the top it gives you vertigo since the depth of field is too much for your brain. It is that spectacular!

Go to the bottom of the canyon and you have one of Colorado’s best fisheries. Tim Patterson is coming to give you a guided tour through the canyon and surrounding areas.

Ridgway Independent Guide Service LLC (RIGS) was founded in 2001. A family business, built from the ground up, with extensive industry knowledge and years of hard guide work throughout the industry. RIGS recognizes that access to quality waters is the most important resources for the business. RIGS successfully received the first permit for guided fly fishing and rafting on the Uncompahgre River in 2002 and has lead the charge in acquiring Western Colorado’s top Public & Private guide access.

Owner, Tim Patterson (the guy in the photo) has led fly fishing, rafting and eco-tours throughout Central America, Mexico and the Southwestern U. S. since 1991. Patterson’s degree in Recreation Management from Prescott College set the stage for a career in adventure guiding and a passion for keeping tight lines on home waters. “It’s not just about the fishing, it’s about the people,” Patterson says. “Our activities are kind of a metaphor for life. They can teach patience, strategy, versatility and adaptability to conditions.”

Tim sent us a note saying, don’t wait for the presentation. Go check them out NOW on their website because they fill up slots every year. Great photos on the website.