The CCTU March Meeting on March 19th will be our annual Fly Tying Clinic. We have a number of tiers lined up and more will join in. Come and ask questions, watch tiers demonstrate techniques, learn how to fish specific flies, get new ideas for places to fish, and join in the fun for fly raffles. All are welcome and best of all it is FREE!!!

Tiers include: Pat Dorsey, Carl Pennington, Steve Johnson, John Vevurka, Greg Garcia, Jerry Shin, Richard Pilatzke, Jim Neiberger, Bob Dye, John Aaron, Bud McAllister, Jim Schmidt, Ed Berg, Frank Prekel, and Bob Getz. In other words lots of technique to learn from! Don’t miss this opportunity.

Location is out normal meeting spot: South Metro Denver Realtors’ ASsociation at the corner of South Broadway and Mineral Ave in Littleton. Address is 7899 S. Lincoln Ct. Littleton, CO 80122