Sweetgrass Rods has been kind enough to donate a 7’9” hex 4 wt bamboo rod to the Cutthroat Chapter of Trout Unlimited for their annual Conservation Auction.  The “Boo Boys” as the owners of Sweetgrass Rods are called, are masters at the craft of building bamboo fly rods of the finest quality. Headed by Glenn Brackett, who was a former owner of Winston Fly Rods is the leader of Sweetgrass Rods, along with longtime Winston bamboo fly rod master craftsman Jerry Kustich.   All Sweetgrass Rods are hollow built, which is a process that former Winston owner Lew Stoner and E.C. Powells patented in the early 1900’s.  In the 30’s Lew Stoner patented a revolutionary hollowing process called “fluting”, which is the same process used today by Sweetgrass Rods.  By hollowing the rod, it not only make the rod much lighter, but the action is “sweet” as the name implies. The Sweetgrass series of their rods sell for $2000 today.  It is a 2 piece rod with and extra tip and takes approximately a year to complete after ordering.

For those familiar to the wonderful casting qualities of a fine bamboo rod, this classic rod will not disappoint.  Bamboo rods with this type of craftsmanship allow the angler to feel every aspect of the cast and after you hook a fish, the subsequent fight is just as special.  The softer tip on a bamboo rod assists the angler in loosing less fish with break offs, as the tip tends to give much more than traditional graphite rods, especially the faster rods of today.  The Sweetgrass Rods are made to not only last a lifetime, but to be passed on to future generations of family.  Rods of this quality tend to only go up in value over time.  Some rods that Glenn built at Winston are collector items today and sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars more than when they were purchased new.  You can be sure that his rods at Sweetgrass will be just as cherished for generations to come.