Duane’s presentation will discuss how to systematically approach a fickle tailwater that receives a large amount of angling and recreational pressures, has a very diverse insect population, and has substantial fluctuations in flows and water temperatures.  The presentation will also delve into the latent effects of the Hayman burn that occurred nearly ten years ago, including how the river is improving, suffering, and changing.

More About Duane

Duane Redford, a professional fly fishing guide, spends the majority of his days guiding on the South Platte River below Deckers, Colorado.  That stretch of the river can be difficult to guide because of the constant changes in river conditions. The conditions range from high angling and recreation pressure to undesirable water clarity due to the erosion of a few feeder creeks.

Since the Hayman Fire nearly ten years ago, the South Platte River has battled several obstacles in its recovery.  One large obstacle to recovery has been the persistent erosion of Horse Creek into the South Platte.  Duane is very passionate about the health of the river, and has prepared a presentation to help bring this issue forward.

When he’s not guiding, Duane spends his time teaching fly fishing classes, and recently published his first book on fly fishing.  When he’s not teaching, writing or guiding, you’ll find him on the river.

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