If you are interested in helping our chapter make a difference in conserving protecting and restoring coldwater fish species we could use your help. We value your time and effort to help us address the problems affecting our rivers and waterways. Whether you are interested in donating money or volunteering your time we want to help you find a way to get active and help us save our rivers for future generations.

Projects That need Help Today

Trout in the Classroom



We are looking for volunteers to help us with our very successful trout in the classroom project. If you are interested send an email to info@cutthroatctu.org/ and we will get back to you.





We have joined forces with the Denver Chapter of TU and South Suburban Parks and Recreation to enhance aquatic and riparian habitat on the urban S. Platte River. Imagine fishing fro trout right in Denver!!! There is a lot of work that needs to be done before that can happen. Check out the Denver Trout Unlimited site for more details.