Here’s a list of some of the events we have planned so far for 2012. Use this list to reserve spots in your calendar.  Any of the “Area TBD” items will most likely be one of the CUSP focus areas which are Trail Creek and Happy Meadows.

Here are the dates and events we have so far:

January 17thMeeting: Speaker Mark Lance on “The Many Landscapes of Trout”

February 21stMeeting: Speaker Pat Dorsey on “Fly Fishing Colorado”

March 20thMeeting: Fly Tying Clinic

March 31stEducation: Fishing on the Fly class

April 7thEducation: Fishing on the Fly class

April 14thEducation: Fishing on the Fly class

April 14th – 18th – Fishing Trip: Green River

April 17thMeeting: Speaker Steve Parrott on “Czech Nymphing”

April 21stEducation: Fishing on the Fly class

April 21stConservation: Trail Creek Restoration

April 28thEducation: Fishing on the Fly class

May 12thConservation: Trail Creek with Field & Stream’s Hero for a Day Program

May 15thMeeting: Tim Wade, Owner of North Fork Angler in Cody Wyoming, on “The Otherside of Yellowstone”

June 19thMeeting: Robert Younghanz, “The Bug Guy”, on Entomology for the Flyfisher

June 30thConservation: Area TBD

July 14thConservation: Deckers Clean Up

August 25thConservation: Area TBD

September Date TBD – Conservation: Clear Creek Cleanup; Working with Idaho Springs to reserve the Park

Check the website for details on any of these events as the date approaches.  Also, check the website for events that are, as-of-yet, unplanned.