The Conservation Awards Raffle at this year’s Annual Auction was created as a way to say “Thank You” to the 76 volunteers who contributed 1100 hours working on 10 Cutthroat Chapter sponsored projects.  These projects focused on conservation and restoration efforts primarily in the Upper South Platte River Drainage.

Some of this year’s accomplishments:

  • We planted over 15,000 willows on Trail Creek and Horse Creek.
  • We cleaned up over 8 miles of stream frontage on the South Platte near Deckers and another 12 miles along Clear Creek at Idaho Springs.
  • And River Watch efforts monitored water quality while our temperature sensors gathered valuable data at 5 sites in the South Platte below Cheesman Reservoir.

Again, our chapter is very grateful to all who supported these efforts.  To show our appreciation, we had 6 great prizes to raffle.

  • 1st place: Custom Built Fresh Water Sage Fly Rod, donated by Kent Higgins.  Won by Bill Wiebesiek who participated in 15 events!
  • 2nd place: Lamson V2 Velocity Hard Alloy Fly Reel, 6-weight, donated by CCTU.  Won by Alan Whitehead who participated in 6 events!
  • 3rd place: Fishpond Yellowstone wader bag, donated by CCTU. Won by Jerry Shin who participated in 3 events!
  • 4th place: Rio Light WF5F Fly Line, donated by CCTU. Won by Kris Buros who participated in 6 events!
  • 5th place: Box of Custom Flies tied by Richard Pilatzke. Won by Jim Rasmussen who participated in 20 events!
  • 6th place: Box of Flies by various tiers donated by CCTU. Won by Duane Van deVenter who participated in 2 events!

Thanks again for supporting our Conservation Projects!

Also, thanks to Kent, Richard and CCTU for donating the GREAT prizes!

And last but not least, thanks to our Conservation Coordinators Jim Klug and Jim Rassmussen who, with a little help from their friends, organize and orchestrate each one of the conservation events.