Please review the EIS and submit comments to CTU and BLM.

BACKGROUND for Christo’s “Over the River” art event: Christo wants to suspend large fabric panels over eight spots on a 42-mile stretch of the Arkansas River for two weeks, using nearly six miles of fabric. Although the actual event will last two weeks, the construction/removal period could last 28 months. Colorado BLM has issued a draft Environmental Impact Study (EIS) for public review and comment to BLM by September 13th. The report lists a number of possible alternate versions that would shrink or block the project. Estimates of both environmental and economic impacts are detailed in the study.

As a concerned Chapter, we urge you to review the Environmental Impact Study by the BLM as well as the pro’s (Over The River Project) and con’s (Rags Over the Arkansas River). If you’d like even more info, Google “christo over the river project” for a lot more links.

After you develop your opinion, please submit comments to Colorado BLM and the comments section of the CTU NewsBLOG. Remember the deadline for comments is September 13th.