Stop by the annual ISE show at the Colorado Convention Center starting Thursday, January 11th.  Tickets can be purchased at  Catch shows by CCTU members Pat Dorsey and Richard Pilatzke…all located at the Fly Fishing Theater.

Thursday – Jan 11

       4:30 – Pat Dorsey “Fly Fishing Western Tailwaters”

       6:30 – Richard Pilatzke “Stillwater Fly Fishing”

Friday – Jan 12

       2:30 – Richard Pilatzke “Stillwater Fly Fishing”

       3:30 – Pat Dorsey “Tips to Catch More Trout”

Saturday – Jan 13

       1:30 – Pat Dorsey “The Secret Season: Winter Fly Fishing”

Sunday – Jan 14

       2:30 – Pat Dorsey “Colorado’s Best Trout Streams”