The Watershed Festival had been cancelled and there was a change in venue due to road construction. The day began with wind and rain.  In spite of that 43 volunteers from three TU chapters and other sources gathered at Anderson Park in Idaho Springs to carry on a two decade old tradition of conservation effort.  The clouds parted and a beautiful fall day resulted allowing the Clear Creek Clean Up on September 16 to be a tremendous success. Seventy contractor bags of trash and countless large discarded objects found their way from the creek to the roadside where they could be properly disposed of.  Ray Carney of CCTU, who originated this effort long ago and still runs it tirelessly with Jim Klug, has nothing but praise for all the generous folks who took the time an effort to help this little jewel of a stream.

All of us at CCTU would like to thank the City of Idaho Springs and Clear Creek County for their continued support over the years.  Local merchants such as Starbucks and Beau Joe’s Pizza helped feed the workers. Mile High Rafting, Clear Creek Outdoors, Colorado Adventures, and Orvis Park Meadows supplied raffle prizes.  The West Denver TU. Cherry Creek Anglers TU, and CCTU all provided raffle prizes and workers.  Without the generosity of all these people this event would not be possible.