Congratulations to Bill Wiebesiek, the CCTU Conservationist of the Year for 2016.  Bill has been a Cutthroat Chapter member for over five years, and highly active on nearly all of our conservation projects during that time.  In addition to participating in all of the big conservation events of 2016, Bill is an active member of the River Watch team that collects water samples from the South Platte monthly.  He is also a key man on the Cutthroat Chapter/Colorado Parks and Wildlife, South Platte River, temperature profile team.  The temperature profile program gathers data on a continuous basis from three locations in the Deckers/Cheesman area of the South Platte River.  Bill is one of only a few people that know the exact locations our temperature data loggers in the South Platte River in the Deckers area.   Think of it as trying to find the same rock, the size of a baseball in the South Platte river every six months.  Numerous times Bill has tirelessly carried our bucket of pipe wrenches, hydroscope and assorted hand tools into then back out of Cheesman Canyon.  Thank you Bill for all you do!  Bill was presented with a small token of chapter appreciation at the January meeting.