The Conservation Team would like to thank all those Cutthroat Chapter members who shared their thoughts in the recent Survey Monkey Conservation Survey.  We are currently in talks with our partners in an attempt to tailor the 2017 conservation projects according to your preferences.  A big thanks to chapter members who have helped in past projects.  We hope the changes to chapter projects based upon the survey feedback inspire those of you who have been unable to participate to step up and share in the pride of helping to conserve, protect and restore Colorado’s fisheries and their watersheds in 2017!

In order share the results of the survey with all Cutthroat Chapter members, the Conservation Team has prepared the Key Findings summary below.

Key Findings

  • The types of conservation projects offered in the past were evenly received – river clean-up was most popular, weed mitigation least popular
  • Four to five projects during the season is optimal
  • Enough members felt breakfasts and lunches are important that we will offer one or both on all projects going forward
  • After project raffles not important – the long-time raffle at the end of the Clear Creek Clean-up Project will be the only project with a raffle program going forward
  • Not critical to have 100% board member participation in conservation projects, although we will keep this goal going forward
  • Majority of respondents want published summary (email newsletter, website, social media) of project upon completion
  • Few respondents felt the need for individual official recognition beyond a verbal “thank you”
  • Several watersheds were mentioned for future project focus  – however, the South Platte River and the Deckers area were mentioned most often
  • Members get word of our upcoming conservation projects from a variety of sources and media
  • Members willing to travel up to two hours to participate in to these projects
  • Most members are willing to work past a lunch-time break
  • Majority of members place value on fishing time with friends or mentors after the project
  • Interest was divided regarding participation in Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) projects, but enough interest was shown that the Conservation Team will personally reach out to those individuals

Complete results of the survey can be found at

We so appreciate your feedback on this survey.  Every one of these preferences will be addressed in our choices of conservation projects for 2017.  We urge you to continue supporting our mission, and if you were unable to get out to help us in 2016 we would hope you will find the time and energy to step up in the New Year!  If you would like to add something to the discussion, please contact George Franklin at or at (303) 902-9827.

Our Most Sincere Thanks,

Cutthroat Chapter Board